The Hundred Acre Wood

by Habits

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released September 10, 2016

Recorded Mixed and Mastered by: Nick Borgosz (World Of Noise Recording studio)
Artwork By: Rachel Surdi & Joseph Brzozowiec



all rights reserved


Habits Buffalo, New York

We are just some dudes that have been through alot in their lives and enjoy expressing it through music. Dose yourself and take a step inside.

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Track Name: On The In
Black, plastic skin;
Bones are thin when you're on the in.
Red, blinds are drawn, they stream down like gin when your breath is gone.
Why is it watching
From the corner of the room
With Nothing to do
In the corner of the room
Standing there
I'm not scared
You can't touch me
you aren't there
With nothing to do in the corner of the room
Track Name: Nothing
Don't waste your time or time will waste you.
Track Name: Silent
So last.
So silent.
Track Name: Satisfy
Can you see me now? pusher or puller? Go with the flow, I am whole. Free of mind, free spirit! Same tree, same street over and over and over and over. I don't know who I am, did I say that again? Fractal sun, said and done.Ascend higher.Tie die eyes, Expand your mind. Satisfy, is your bed blacker than mine?! Oh?! Blurred lines stay intertwined.
Track Name: Breathing in Clarity
So as I sit in this empty room, blinded by all the clouded judgement. Blinded by all the clouded smoke from which all I've toked. Can't reconstruct my brain cells cause I can't recollect my memory. How do I disappear? Can I even disappear? This is how I've finally disappeared. I'm a fucking paraplegic. Cloud my head with clear thoughts, eyes red. Melting clock. Cause when I'm with you, it gets me off. You settle the nerves,faded for life. Wanna be just like me? Cemented to the couch, breathing in clarity. You've done murdered your memory. Evacuate my lungs. Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit.
Track Name: Pill Head
Yeah! Wake up tired and blurry. Take a tab, nothing to worry. So snort, swallow. Turn to mush. This is my escape.Lost, lost, lost. Numb, numb, numb.Can you feel the pale doom step on your throat? Let it narrow, let it strain. Numb. Pill head! Pill head!
Track Name: Dead Man
Alone. Alone. Alone but not alone, backwards thoughts all of my own. Red, eyes are gone, 13, the symbol and death is drawn
Dead man Dead Man
why do you stand in the corner of the room?
Track Name: Side Effects
Break into the fourth wall change my perspective. Crush my lungs so I know it's real. You wear your conscience while I wear mine on my sleeve, setting all knowledge to what you perceive. I love the taste, the bitter drip. Header to the dome. Weed, molly, acid and k, I'll do them all do them do them all every day. Lost in time somewhere between the blurred lines, grinding my teeth with an intertwined nose bleed. These. Four. Walls. Mix up my cerebral and turn it upside down. In my bedroom crawling over the walls is this real or fake can't tell. Can't tell weeks from years, suicide from murder. It's been so long since I left the further. 3rd eye is my own extension, I've finally earned the keys to the mansion. Your soul has left...its body. Mind over matter. I let it eat my dreams to the very end. End We are the Nevermore.
Track Name: Stay Still
Frontal lobe, you're compromised. The worries that bind you will always find you. I am undone. This has been me since day 1.Every time I take a step forward I'm two steps back. You know my voice has been hoarse for a minute. And I want you to know that I'm numb, I'm numb, I'm fucking numb.Cut me at my wounded knees. I don't like shit, I don't go outside. I don't like people, I don't sleep at night.
Damn I don't know, damn I don't know, damn I don't fucking know. So now I'll just slowly disappear. I am no more. So...Stay still! Don't care, won't care Stay still! Won't care, don't care stay still! Stay still! Stay still, still numb. Stay still! Cause you're sweatin' hard but I'm sweatin bullets! Nothing is set in stone, i am the rock. I am the hard place.
Track Name: A Place To Rest My Head
Sink with me, my electric girl. My clammering hands mean there's a space you only fill. Head rush oh, head rush keep spinning me out of control. Strip the air from my lungs as I look out the back window. Gaze into me, gaze into my soul. You see right through me, we are whole. Your needs come before mine, just like your smile stops all time. So settle now, I'll be home soon. Even though I'm not settled until I see, until I see, until I see you. Gaze into me, gaze into my soul. You see right through me. We are whole. So you see this is a stoner love song and everyone knows why. Your pain is mine and mine is yours, your heart is mine and mine is yours so don't fret I'm here, I'm here, I'm here to stay. Gaze into me, gaze into my soul you see right through me, we are whole. This is my plan, the place I need to be. This is a place to rest my head.
Track Name: Nevermind
Liquify crystal consciousness through the ever changing motions. I am the sun, the setting sun. Can you perceive the voidless oceans? You are the fuck you within the void. Constant atoms reforming and deforming. The cycle can change but stays the same. A sinner bigger than sins, sinning as they move on to the next plane. They weave in and out of my soul like a curling snake out of its (shedding) skin. I am shedding skin. Keep flipping the pages, oh I integrate myself into the many different pages. experience is novel. Set yourself apart from what binds you. Be the opposite of what situations make you feel. Life/death create/ destroy. Perception is only subjective. This is the 100 acre wood.